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Picking The Best Smart Light Switch For Your Home

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It’s time for you to choose amongst the best smart light switches for YOUR home including in-wall, wireless, plugs, dimmer, Google or Alexa for 2019. LOWEST prices and FREE SHIPPING compared to the New York Times, Wirecutter, Tom’s Guide, or Digital Trends.

The good news about
smart switches is that they are incredibly versatile. This means you can create a fully personalized setup, depending on your routine and preferences.Upgrading your home’s lighting system is the first step you should take in making your home smart. And if you’ve decided that smart switches are the right option for you, it’s high time to browse for the best switch. During the research, our priority was to look for the features that such an item should have.

This is the ultimate advantage of investing in the home automation system; you take advantage of convenience and ultimate functionality. That being said, we’ll start by reviewing the smart home devices on the market. So, do keep on reading!

We would like to start by saying that this is the best Wi-Fi light switch for beginners. So, if you have the tendency to forget turning off the lights or you want to make your lighting system more efficient, this product could be the right one for you. Not to mention that it isn’t such a considerable investment.



The set-up process is relatively easyThe voice commands are limited to turn on/off
It works with Alexa, without the need of a hubMinor connectivity issues with the app might emerge
It comes with 2-year warranty 
You can unplug it from AC, without worrying that you’ll lose the settings to relocate the unit 
The maximum load is 15A 

While it’s true that this product doesn’t reinvent the wheel or anything of the sort, it is a high-quality item that does what you expect it to do. Nonetheless, in order to install it, you should be comfortable with managing wires, especially if you attempt to DIY.

The process shouldn’t last longer than fifteen-twenty minutes tops. But you should be careful. And if your knowledge of wiring is rather limited, perhaps you should get the assistance of a professional, to be on the safe side.

Even so, the installation process is fairly simple, similar to installing a regular switch; this is an advantage, of course. Additionally, the switch will connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network through the Kasa app – you can get it free of charge. Plus, the app works with both Android and iOS devices.

This light switch enables you to monitor your connected fixtures, as well as schedule and track the amount of energy you spend. And you can do all this via your smartphone. In order to do that, you should go to schedule, away, timer, and on/off button – it’s just as simple as it appears. This is one of the good things about smart lighting systems.

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

  • Control From Anywhere
  • Simple Setup
  • Apple HomeKit Enabled

It’s worth noting that this smart switch is compatible with any Wi-Fi router. This means you won’t have to get an additional hub, which is cost-effective, of course.

In order to boost the convenience of this device, the manufacturer has included a remote control. To that end, irrespective of your location, you can turn on/off the lights, ceiling fans, or other fixtures in your house, as you please. This can also maximize your security, as it leaves the impression that someone is home.

We could also classify this item as the best Alexa smart light. That’s because you can control your connected devices via voice control, as well. What you have to do is name the smart switch you wish, and address it. That is not all, you have the possibility of comprising a group of smart devices you may also control via one voice command.

For instance, let’s say that you’ve arrived home and your hands are busy, so you cannot turn the lights on or off. What you should do is say Alexa turn the lights on, and there you have it.

As for the negative side of the product, some people mentioned that they encountered connectivity issues during the setup process. Still, this isn’t the norm. Also, the switch is prone to heat buildup, in the case of high wattage appliances.

Runner-Up: Wemo Light Switch

The WeMo Light Switch is also one of the best smart lights, equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. You can control it from an Android 4.1 or iOS 7 or higher device, through the app provided by the manufacturer.



Efficient performanceSome people noted that they encountered difficulties when setting up the switch
Neat designIt isn’t compatible with two-switch lights
Alexa connectivity 
It facilitates accurate lighting programming 
It doesn’t specify a minimum wattage 

You can monitor the lights in your house by making a schedule. Alternatively, you may regulate other wall-operated devices, such as ceiling fans. As a rule of thumb, it necessitates a neutral wire to operate, and you should be able to replace any regular switch with it.

A positive thing about this smart switch is that it doesn’t have a minimum recommended wattage. It appears that some smart home systems have their restrictions in this respect, being quite picky when it comes to smart light compatibility.

Still, the good thing about this item is that it works with all sorts of lighting such as fluorescent, LED, incandescent, CFL or halogen bulbs. Furthermore, it also works with smartphones. In other words, you may use your phone to control the smart switch, as long as you have a solid signal.

We are also keen on the design of this smart light switch – it looks neat, minimalist, and classic. Although there’s not a lot you can do with the design of a light switch, this one looks great, without seeming too bulky.

Wemo Light Switch

  • Easy Lighting Control
  • Simple Setup
  • Apple HomeKit Enabled

Plus, we find the glow-in-the-dark backlight handy. Additionally, there is a useful small light that points whether the switch is connected to the Wi-Fi or not. So, in the case in which there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity, you can still utilize it as a regular light switch.

One of the elements that make this product the top smart light switch is the IFTTT compatibility. IFTTT stands for If This Then That apps. In other words, this feature enables you to cooperate with other devices.

Concurrently, our brief Wi-Fi light switch review should mention that the item facilitates energy readings. That is quite helpful, as you can use this feature to monitor how much power you utilize regularly. What is more, you can customize your settings in an attempt to minimize energy consumption.

What about the limitations of this product – are there any aspects worth mentioning? For one thing, it doesn’t work with two-switch lights. An example would be stair lights that have two switches – at the top and at the bottom.

On top of that, the switch necessitates regular firmware updates. In this respect, some users have complained that the device is slow when it comes to making updates. At the same time, some issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity have been noted.

Alternative: Insteon Smart Wall Switch

Our third suggestion for the light switch would be this item manufactured by Insteon. Now, what are the main characteristics of this product?



Easy set-up processThe HomeKit support has its downsides, according to some users
Easy to useSome users outlined that the durability of the switch could be enhanced
It features two-year warranty 
Linking the device to the Amazon echo is effortless 
It doesn’t specify a minimum wattage 

For starters, this is far from being a typical wall switch. For one thing, Insteon wall switches allow you to remotely monitor them from Insteon devices such as remotes, sensors, keypads, and other wall switches in your home.

You can control the devices from your smartphone, via the Insteon hub. Alternatively, you can do that by using your voice, thanks to the Alexa connectivity. Another unique characteristic of this product is the fact that it allows you to monitor various devices, at the same time.

For example, the switches that are activated in a scene will respond all at once. You can use this aspect to your advantage to create virtual 3-way or multi-way switches in your home.

A good thing would be that installing the switch isn’t too troublesome since the process is similar to installing a regular switch. Additionally, as we tested the item, we noticed that the Insteon hub found each switch right away, without any complications whatsoever.

[amazon box=”B008HUWWOC” link_id=”68″]

On a different note, Insteon’s special hub works with Apple Homekit. And it accounts for a home language that provides you utter control of smart home devices.

Similar to the majority of smart home devices, HomeKit enabled devices to meet the connectivity requirements for ZigBee and Z-Wave, as well. Note that you’ll require the Insteon hub in order to interface with Alexa.

If you want to find out more about the functions of this hub, we advise you to check the manufacturer’s website.

Furthermore, when it comes to choosing the type of bulbs you’ll utilize, you should know that the switches are mostly works with almost 100 percent of the halogen and incandescent bulbs on the market. There are some exceptions, whatsoever, so you should check this out beforehand, to be on the safe side.

On the downside, some users have said that the HomeKit support isn’t the greatest. Meanwhile, other customers have indicated that the switches aren’t the most durable.

2nd Alternative: Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A LED/Incandescent Switch

If you want to invest in the smart light switch, but you aren’t convinced to get a hub, this Leviton Smart Switch will do the trick. Operating it doesn’t necessitate a hub, being Alexa certified, as well.



Easy remote accessDepending on the wiring system of your house, this switch might not work for you
Works with both Google devices and Amazon AlexaSome users experienced complications with the connectivity of the device
The app can be used with both iOS and Android devices 
Simple and straightforward installation process 

So, what is there to say about this product’s functionality? For starters, setting it up is a breeze, which is a great feature, especially if you don’t want to be bothered with a troublesome installation.

As soon as you have the switch wired, you can connect it to your phone or smart device. Immediately afterward, you can start controlling the lights in the home, either via the phone or via Alexa or Google devices.

The design of the switch is neat and classy. This would make it a great fit for literally any home. A great characteristic is the timer. You can use it to schedule the exact hours when you want the lights to be turned on or off.

Leviton DW15S-1BZ Decora Smart



What is more, there is an automatic sunset and sunrise option. In other words, you can have your lights turned on and off depending on the sun’s position.

This could be really helpful, especially if you’re trying to create a healthy routine, and get up earlier to work out, for example.

Moreover, you can use the app in order to monitor the status of the LEDs you’re utilizing. You can choose from three different modes, LED off, locator mode, which means the LED is always on, and status mode, during which the LED is on if the lights are on.

For The Money

Here is our top pick for the best smart switch for the money:

Joso Smart Light Switch

If we were to nominate the top switch for the money, it would definitely be this product by Joso.



Convenient priceThe sizing might be an issue to some people – so, it’s worth checking this out in advance
It reaches its purposeThe switch can only connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
The app can be used with both iOS and Android devices 

It is increasingly more affordable than the options enumerated in this buying guide. While there are some notable distinctions in terms of quality and performance, it’s still a product worth taking into account – especially if you’re on a budget.

We’ll start this smart light switch review by indicating that this is compatible with Amazon Alexa. This means you can directly address the device whenever you want to turn the lights on or off.

Installing the switch isn’t too complicated. In fact, we encountered no problems whatsoever. So, you shouldn’t worry about this aspect if you are a tad knowledgeable about wiring systems.

Smart Light Switch


After installing the switch, just as you would in the case of a traditional switch, you should move on to downloading the E-WeLink app. Afterward, you should connect the mobile device to the Wi-Fi network. The next step is launching E-WeLink, and connecting the smart switch to your home network.

Before getting this smart switch, you should measure the outlet on your regular switches. In the case in which the sizing isn’t accurate, you might need to purchase an extender for the box, for this purpose.

In the long run, this would increase the initial price of the investment – so, make sure you don’t overlook this detail.

Also, this smart switch isn’t recommended for outdoor utilization. However, if you plan on installing in on the porch, for instance, you should get a waterproof cover in this view, to provide protection.

Overall, this smart switch does everything you expect it to do. It grants you utter control of the lighting system in your house, being convenient for safety and energy efficiency reasons. As a downside, though, the switch can only connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing a Light Switch

If you’re keen on getting the greatest smart home lighting system, there are some features to keep in mind. Once you find out more about the following characteristics, you can determine what you need, and get the right product for you. Let’s see!

Connectivity With ZigBee Or Z-Wave

While the smart switches mentioned in this buying guide feature Wi-Fi connectivity, other types are worth mentioning, as well. Two of the most popular ones are ZigBee and Z-Wave.

Now, what differentiates these from Wi-Fi, and why should you consider them during your search for the light switch? Both ZigBee and Z-Wave are mesh networks, allowing the devices connected to the networks to communicate with each other.

Probably the most notable advantage to mesh networks is the fact that the more devices you connect to such a network, the more efficiently it will function. This doesn’t apply in the case of a Wi-Fi network – quite the opposite might we add.

At the same time, the frequency of operation is different, meaning that a mesh network won’t affect the connectivity of your home network. Plus, the consumption is lower, meaning that the batteries will last for an extended timeframe.

Smarthome Connectivity

The drawback to these mesh networks is that you need to purchase a hub. From a security point of view, Z-Wave is much safer than a Wi-Fi or a ZigBee system.

If you want to find out more on this topic, you should check our previous article on smart switches, which explains these matters in detail.

Connectivity With Other Smart Devices And IOT

The main thing that differentiates smart light switches from regular switches is the fact that you can connect them to other smart devices.

Nonetheless, as you might expect, this differs with every product. On that note, if you have any preferences in this respect, you should carefully assess the manufacturer’s specifications on the matter.

There are some switches that are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. Meanwhile, other devices are compatible with only one of these three.

Mobile Support

Some smart switches are only compatible with certain smart devices. Therefore, before adding the light switch to the shopping cart, you should check its compatibility with your mobile phone.


It goes without saying that the best programmable light switch should feature a durable construction. This is a fundamental indicator of its overall quality.

That being said, if you don’t plan on constantly replacing your smart light switches, you should consider this aspect, as well.

Extra Features

Moving on to extra features, they can vary a lot. Quintessentially, the light switch for you might not be the best one for a user with different needs. That’s why each product comes with distinct characteristics.

As a rule of thumb, these items include a mixture of the following features: presence-sensing automation, energy monitoring, scheduling, integrated automation with other smart home devices you might have at home, surge protection and dimming.

Dimming can be quite useful, especially when you don’t want the light in the room to be too bright. So, it could be quite convenient for given scenarios. As for the timing feature, you can use it to preset the lights and fans, or even the A/C units in your home.

However, it’s worth noting that the more extra features a device has, the more expensive it will be.


To conclude, if you want to upgrade a home, looking for a smart light switch is one of the ways in which you can do that. Doing so will increase the security of your house while making it really convenient for you to control all the lights in your home, as well as other smart devices.

Turning Lights On

The fact that you can manage your home network via the voice control system is an added bonus. Nevertheless, the obvious disadvantage is that, in some situations, your home might not be compatible with these lighting solutions. That’s why we advise you to look into this before.

The purpose of every smart switch review included in this guide is to inform you. Each item presented here is worth taking into account.

Still, irrespective of the fore-mentioned products in our guide, your purchase should depend on the lighting effect you want to obtain, the options you find important, and the money you’re willing to spend.

If you already used one of the smart switches we reviewed, let us know your thoughts!

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