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Whether you just don’t feel like getting out of bed or you forgot to turn off some electronics before you left the house, we can help you find the best smart light switches available so you can control your lights from wherever you’re at.

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Is Z-Wave Dead? A Look at the Technology and Market

In July 2016, the company Z-Wave Alliance announced that its members had signed a non-disclosure agreement to stop sharing technical information with the public. In short, this meant that the company was dead and would no longer produce any Z-Wave devices or support for their products. Is Z-Wave dying? Z-Wave is a wireless technology that […]

z wave vent

Z-Wave Vents: Smart Vent Control For Your Home

Z-Wave Vents are a unique new product that expands the Z-Wave protocol to create a smart home ventilation system. With Z-Wave, you can control your Home’s ducts and vents with a single device. Now you can control them without any wiring to the vent controller itself, which means that they can be used on any […]

how to make led lights turn on when door opens

How to Make Your Entry Lights Turn on Automatically When You Open the Door

Have you ever been inside your home with the lights off and left to fumble around for a light switch? It can be frustrating, especially in unfamiliar rooms. To make things easier on yourself, try installing an automatic door chime so that when you open the door, it triggers the entryway lights to turn on. […]

reset ge z wave switch

How to Reset a Z-Wave Switch: Complete Tutorial

A Z-Wave device can be reset by pressing the button, pulling the plug, or disabling and re-enabling it. How to reset a ZWave switch? If you are trying to reset a ZWave switch with your Hub, then follow these steps: 1. Make sure the Hub is powered on and the software is installed 2. Click […]

smart home

Why Does Alexa Randomly Light Up?

Some people might notice that their Amazon Echo turns on by itself. This is a common occurrence for most Alexa devices, but it can be alarming when it happens unexpectedly. What can cause my Alexa to randomly light up? If you have your alexa sitting on the coffee table and it starts to flicker, this […]

alexa randomly plays music

Alexa Randomly Plays Music

Alexa is an Amazon Echo device that allows you to control your smart home devices using voice commands. It also has a built-in speaker that plays music. But sometimes Alexa will play random songs without you telling her to. This can happen if you have multiple devices connected to your Echo. Here’s how to fix […]