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  • Smart Fan Switch

    Smart Fan Switch

    Hey y’all, if you’re a fan of smart home technology, then I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Smart Fan Switch. It’s the latest and greatest way to save energy in your home while still keeping cool when it gets hot outside. With this amazing device, you can control all your ceiling fans with just […]

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  • Smart Home with Alexa

    Smart Home with Alexa

    We all want our homes to be equipped with the latest technology and gadgets, but what if you could have a house with the most incredible features that respond to your every command? Enter Alexa – your very own virtual assistant. With the help of this revolutionary innovative technology, it’s now possible for your home […]

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  • Echo Show Review

    Echo Show Review

    Have you ever wished you had eyes on the back of your head? Well, with the Echo Show, you can have the next best thing. This revolutionary device takes the voice-controlled Alexa technology you know and love and adds a screen to the mix. I recently got my hands on the Echo Show, and let […]

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  • What Can Alexa Do?

    What Can Alexa Do?

    We’ve all heard of Alexa, the voice-activated virtual assistant from Amazon. But what can Alexa really do? Is she just a voice-activated music player or is she capable of so much more? I, for one, was curious to find out what Alexa can do, so I decided to do some research. After scouring the web […]

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  • Alexa Music Alarm

    Alexa Music Alarm

    Are you sick of the same old alarm clock music? Do you want to wake up to your favorite songs instead? According to a recent survey, the average person listens to the same alarm clock music for 10 years! If you want to avoid the monotony of the same alarm clock music, then I have […]

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  • What is Alexa Music?

    What is Alexa Music?

    Have you ever walked into a room and heard a voice coming from a device that you couldn’t identify? Chances are, it was Alexa. Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant, and it’s been around since 2014. But what is Alexa Music? Alexa Music is a music streaming service that lets you access millions of songs, albums, […]

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