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Whether you just don’t feel like getting out of bed or you forgot to turn off some electronics before you left the house, we can help you find the best smart light switches available so you can control your lights from wherever you’re at.

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3 Way Smart Switch

3 Way Smart Switch

3-way switches can be a lifesaver for those of us who live in small spaces. 3 way smart switch is a device that allows you to control the power flow to light fixtures from two different locations. 3 way dimmer switches are typically installed anywhere in your home and have 3 wires coming from them […]

voice activated light switch

Voice Activated Light Switch

If you’re like most people, your house has a lot of light switches and that can be frustrating. Especially when you want to turn on just one or two lights, but have to walk around flipping all the switches. What if there was an easier way for your smart home? Introducing voice activated smart light […]

Deep Sentinel camera

Deep Sentinel Review

Approximately 1 million home invasions occur every year, often resulting in harm to residents who are home at the time. One of the best ways to protect your home and family is to invest in an advanced home security system, such as the Deep Sentinel smart home security system. The Deep Sentinel AI home security […]

single pole light switch

What is a Single Pole Light Switch

The single pole light switch is the most common type of light switch that you are ever going to hear about. It is common because its functionality is quite simple unlike other types of switches that you may hear your electrician talk about. The single-pole light switch functions by just flipping up the toggle so […]

Timer Switches for Outside Lights

Timer Switches for Outside Lights

Timer switches for outside lights are a very practical solution when it comes to keeping your electricity bill from going through the roof! These gadgets will turn your outside lights on and off according to a preset program of your choice, which can help you save a significant amount of energy, and in turn, so […]

Stop Alexa From Saying Playing From

Stop Alexa From Saying Playing From

Are you sick of Alexa saying “playing from” when you want to listen to music? Here’s how to stop Alexa from saying “playing from.” Turn on Brief Mode Alexa has what’s called a “Brief Mode” that silences much of these kinds of interactions.  Here’s how to do it: Step 1: Open the Alexa on your […]