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Hey, Alexa! I just bought a new device called an Amazon Echo. What is it?

Alexa is a voice-enabled digital assistant that you can use in your home to find out information about the weather, what’s playing on Pandora or Radio Stations and even how much time you have left for your workout.

It also plays music from Prime Music members and Spotify Premium accounts. If none of those sound like something you want to hear, make sure “Off” is in your Alexa settings.

I decided to ask my new friend, Alexa, what kind of radio stations would be available on her device. She told me that she has over three thousand possible options but is able to only play a few because they are the most popular or best-selling songs in their genre or subcategory according to Amazon’s sales rankings.

Ultimately, if you want more than just a handful of different kinds of stations available in your home via this resourceful tool then

How to find and enable radio stations on Alexa?

To enable a radio station on Alexa, follow these steps:

1. Go to the “Featured Categories” option and scroll sideways to search for “Radio.”

2. Choose from any of the following skills: myTuner Radio, Simple Radio, and Radio Anchor.

3. You can activate niche radio streams as well! For example, with Vintage Radio you can play your favorite station like Totally 93.9 Miami or any other radio show from the old days.

4. Once you have chosen a skill, tap on it to open and then select Enable Skill.

5. After that, you will be prompted to sign in with your Amazon account information (or create a new one).

6. If this is your first time using the skill, you will need to provide permission for Alexa to access your location so she can find local stations near you (more on this later).

7 Tap on Yes I’m In to begin listening!

Now that you know how to enable a skill, let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there! To find and enable radio stations, go to the “Featured Categories” option and scroll sideways until you see “Radio.” From there, choose from any of the following skills: myTuner Radio, Simple Radio, or Radio Anchor. Each of these skills has a variety of stations to choose from so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste!

If you’re looking for something a little more niche, why not try out Vintage Radio? This skill gives you access to old-school radio shows and stations that may be hard to find elsewhere. With Alexa’s voice commands, you can easily skip through broadcasts until you find one that catches your attention.

Now that we’ve gone over how to enable a skill, let’s take a look at some of the best radio stations available on Alexa. All things considered, Alexa is not the most reliable device for finding popular radio stations from all over the world. However, she does have a few tricks up her sleeve! For example, if you go into the “Featured Categories” section and scroll sideways until you see “Radio,” then tap on it, you’ll come across several skills with different station options. These include myTuner Radio, Simple Radio, and Radio Anchor–each with their own unique set of channels ranging from talk shows to music genres like country or EDM. So no matter what type of station you’re in the mood for, Alexa has you covered!

What are the popular FM radio stations that can be played on Echo devices?

FM radio stations are a great way to listen to your favorite music, talk shows, and news without having to use an app. And thanks to Amazon Echo devices, you can now play FM radio stations without using the app. Just search for the name of the station you want to listen to, click on it, then press ‘Enable To Use’.

The TuneIn skill is activated “by default” when you connect your Echo device to an internet-connected device with an Alexa app installed. This means that you don’t have to do anything extra in order for Echo devices to play FM radio stations from TuneIn.

To enable skills on your Echo device, say “Alexa, Open *radio name*”. You can find a list of all available skills by opening the menu in the Alexa app and selecting ‘Skills’.

Currently, there are over 10,000 international radio stations that can be played on Echo devices through TuneIn. These include BBC Radio 2, ESPN Radio, and BBC Radio 5 Live.

But that’s not all! Amazon has also partnered with RadCity so that Alexa users can enjoy access to special skills like weather reports and traffic updates. Just say “Alexa open RadCity” followed by the skill you want to use.

So, whether you’re a fan of Indian music, American sports, or British talk shows, there’s sure to be a radio station that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Enjoy!

How to listen to local AM or FM radio stations on Alexa?

Did you know that you can listen to your local AM or FM radio stations on Alexa? Here’s how:

First, make sure that your Amazon Echo is connected to the internet. You can do this by opening the Alexa app on your smartphone and selecting Settings from the menu. Then, select Device Settings and click on Connected Home under the list of Your Devices. Finally, click on the link for your Echo device and follow the instructions.

Next, open the Alexa app and select Skills from the menu. Type “radio” into the search bar and press Enter. Then, select Enable next to Radio by TuneIn.

Now, all you have to do is say “Alexa, play [station name]” or “Alexa, tune in to [station name]”. You may receive a different station with the same name due to Alexa’s difficulty in recognizing names and numbers of radio stations. If this happens, try saying “Alexa, play [station number]”, where [station number] is replaced by the actual frequency number of your desired station.

Some users report that some of these services are inaccurate. However, there are many other listening options on an Amazon Echo or smart speaker with a display screen–including skills and games. So, if you’re having trouble with one station, try another.

The Amazon Echo can now tell you when a package is delivered. You can also find the best deals for April 2022 on the Amazon Echo. Just say “Alexa, what are the best deals for April 2022?” or “Alexa, order a pizza from Domino’s.”

Can Alexa play old radio shows?

Yes! You can ask Alexa to play specific old-time radio programs by name. Just say, “Alexa, play the Jack Benny show.” or “Alexa, play the Lone Ranger.”. She’ll be more than happy to oblige.

In addition, you can ask Radioplayer for past episodes of a particular show. For example, if you want to relive your favorite episode of The Archers, just say “Alexa, ask Radioplayer for past episodes of The Archers.” and she’ll queue them right up for you.

Can Alexa play FM radio stations?

Yes, Echo users can ask Alexa to play any FM radio station. However, you will have to do so through the app. For now, FM radio stations are still available.

In addition to FM radio stations, DAB (digital audio broadcasting) is also available on many devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. This type of broadcasting offers a lot of choice because it has more channels than FM. Plus, if a local station broadcasts online, it should be able to be accessed with an app like TuneIn or myTuner without any problems.

What music stations are free on Alexa?

Alexa now has a variety of music stations that you can access for free. These include iHeartRadio, Pandora, TuneIn and Spotify. The only exception is Apple Music which requires an Apple subscription to use. However, Amazon Prime members can use the Echo to play music from Amazon Prime without setting anything up. And, if you want to try out Alexa’s music capabilities before committing, there’s always the 30 day free trial option!


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to listen to your favorite radio stations, ask Alexa. Just type in a keyword or phrase, and Alexa will pull up a list of recommended stations based on that topic. From top news channels to country music stations, there’s sure to be something for everyone on this list!

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