TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch Review




TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch Review

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As we rely on technology more than ever, the automation of our homes has become imminent. Choosing a smart lighting solution, such as the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi light switch is associated with many benefits. For instance, you can cut down on your electricity bill, as you enjoy utmost convenience round the clock.

At the end of the day, isn’t this the primary purpose of technological advancements? To simplify our lives? Since there are numerous home switches on the market, I am confident that my reviews can help you choose the right one.

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In today’s post, I’ll talk about a popular item, manufactured by TP-Link. Now, let’s see what makes it a great purchase!

About The Product

This smart home switch is your go-to if you want to control the lights and ceiling fans in your home from anywhere. Before sharing my experience with this product, I’d like to briefly outline its main characteristics:

  • Wireless connectivity – it is compatible with the following types of wireless: 2.4GHz and 1T1R
  • It works with iOS 9 or higher and Android 4.1 or higher
  • It features voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Product dimensions: 1.5 x 3.3 x 5 inches
  • It works with Kasa app, which functions with all TP-Link smart home items
  • Free remote access
  • The installation process is easy

The Results

The installation process of this smart switch isn’t too complicated. Still, if wiring is like a foreign language to you, I encourage you to hire a professional to do it for you. However, if you know what you’re doing, you should be done in a matter of minutes.

After setting up the switch on the wall, you can move on to connecting it to your smartphone, via the Kasa app.

The remote control feature is more than welcome, for security reasons. In plain English, when you set the switch in remote control, you can make it seem as if someone is at home, although you aren’t. Randomized lighting is great, protecting your home from intruders.

Additionally, the switch is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you can also manage the lighting in the home via voice control.

For instance, whenever you cannot turn on the lights yourself, you can address the switch directly, and it will do that for you.

Of course, you can schedule the lights to turn on automatically at certain hours, but it seems cooler to talk directly to the smart switch – isn’t it?

Another benefit worth mentioning is the LED status indicator. Its primary goal is to inform you whether the switch is connected to the network or not. Plus, the indicator comes in handy, letting you know where the switch is, at night.

At the same time, you should know that the Kasa app supports various TP-Link products. This means you can consider setting up more than one switch in your house. The benefit here is evident; you can control and set them at once.

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All things considered, this is a nice product, being easy to install and genuinely convenient. It is definitely worth considering if you’re thinking of replacing your regular switches.

Nevertheless, as a piece of advice, I recommend you keep the firmware updated on all your gadgets; this way, you can ensure that it will work properly for years to come.

Plus, carry in mind that, in the case of a power outage, you might need to re-sync your switch. So, hold on to the manufacturer’s instructions.

What Others Say

I tend to guide my shopping decisions on customer reviews, to some extent. While they aren’t the single thing I take into account, they do matter.

For instance, in the case of this smart switch, customer feedback is surprisingly positive, since the product has a rating of more than 4 stars on Amazon. And for thousands of reviews, that is something.

So, what are these customers saying? Are they happy with this product or the opposite?

As you might expect, most reviews are positive. People love it because it is energy efficient, easy to set-up and reliable.

According to one customer, the device is a bargain, considering the build quality and the fact that it works impeccably. This opinion is widespread among reviews.

Still, some reviewers indicated that they have experienced minor connectivity issues with the app.

What We Liked

Now it’s my turn to outline the main things I like about this smart switch. Firstly, I believe that the build quality and craftsmanship of the product are notable. I like the minimalist design of the item, and I would be happy with fitting my home with switches of such high quality.

Also, it doesn’t require a hub, which would necessitate an additional cost. The extra features are handy, as well as the remote control option.

What We Didn’t Like

As I mentioned beforehand, some users indicated that connectivity issues might appear. While I didn’t experience this myself, I think that the product could do with some improvements in this respect. Plus, many users that contacted the customer support department didn’t find the assistance they needed for their problems.

Buying Advice

This smart switch costs less than $60 and comes with a lot of features. If you are curious about the firm’s warranty, you should know that it lasts for two years.

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If you were to order your product from Amazon, you’d get free shipping. And, if you’re lucky, you might benefit from a discount. If you want to do more research we created a complete guide.

Final Verdict

So, it all comes down to this question – would I recommend the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch? Yes. This smart home switch does everything you need it do to and the installation process is basic. Plus, it will help you diminish the electricity expenses, over the course of time.

At the same time, the app is user-friendly and handy, not to mention that it has a reliable performance, at a low cost. All these benefits definitely overshadow the minor drawbacks. I hope you’ve found this review helpful – see you next time!

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