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Looking for the right light for your smart home? Although this might look like an ordinary light bulb, it’s actually compatible with smart home assistants so it can help you enjoy a customized experience in your smart home. In our NiteBird Smart Light Bulb review, we’ll analyze all its features and tell you why it should be your top pick.

General Features of the NiteBird Smart Light Bulb

If you’ve recently moved into a smart home, then you should add this light bulb to your shopping list. It’s designed to give you a customizable experience as you can change the light and use it with different smart home assistants for maximum convenience.

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Easy to Install

Do you feel that you’re not that tech-savvy? Don’t worry because this smart light bulb is straightforward to use. No hubs are required and no subscription is needed to get it to work. All you have to do is to install it and the light bulb will do its job promptly.

Voice Commands

Everything seems easy to control once you buy the Nite Bird smart light bulb. Just give a simple voice command using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and you can easily turn on the light or turn it off without leaving your comfortable bed or sofa.

Moreover, you can use your voice to customize the light output by changing the output to a specific color depending on your mood. Think of the perfect ambiance that you can create every time with the help of a single light bulb.

If you’re trying to set the mood for a romantic dinner, you can easily dim the light without leaving your place. When it’s time to read something, you can easily brighten it using your voice. The Nite Bird Smart Light Bulb is designed to help you live comfortably while enjoying the perks of a smart home.

Remote Control

One of the benefits of owning a smart home is that you can control everything without actually being present. Using the remote control on your smart device, you’ll be able to activate all the features of your Nite Bird Smart Light Bulb.

Once you install the app to your smartphone and have access to the WiFi network, you’ll be able to control your light with a simple click. You have total control over how your lights work as you can even activate all the light bulbs in your house using one click once you create a group on your phone. No extra hardware is required to activate this feature.

Multiple Colors

The Nite Bird Smart Light Bulb gives you maximum versatility thanks to the RGB technology. The light bulb provides 16 million colors and comes with 8 predetermined scenes that can work for every mood. However, you can still create your DIY mode with your preferred settings for the perfect occasion.


Want to create the perfect mood in your house? Using the Nite Bird Smart Light Bulb you can also program your lights to react to the music you’re playing. The light will dim and become brighter in response to the beats.

What is Special About the NiteBird Smart Light Bulb?

There are a lot of special features that set this light bulb from other products. Here a few points that make it extremely special so you should consider buying it if you want to create the perfect environment in your smart home.

Customizing your Settings

One of the perks of owning a smart home is to be able to use products that can make your life easier by knowing your favorite pattern and repeating it. This is possible with the Nite Bird Smart Light Bulb but you can also change these settings whenever you like.

You can easily set the timer to automatically dim or turn off the lights whenever you want without having to activate the feature on your mobile. Everything can be predetermined which means that your home will be ready for you or your guests, guaranteeing that your plans will always work.

If you want to relax and chill at the end of the day, you can set the light to automatically activate the warm setting upon your arrival. There’s no limit to what you can do with this smart light because it’s designed to make your life more enjoyable.

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Save on Your Energy Bill

To add to the benefits of this smart light, it’s designed to resemble a normal 75W light bulb which actually saves 80% of the energy used. It uses only 8 Watts of power and will be giving you multiple light options so you can customize the light output whenever you like.

Opting for the Nite Bird Smart Light Bulb is a smart choice because it’s quite affordable and doesn’t require any special installation tools. All you have to do is to install it to any normal E26/E27 light fixture and it will be ready to work.

Customer Support

The manufacturers of this smart light stand strongly behind their product so you can email them if you face any problem with your product. They will provide the necessary help and even replace a faulty item in case it doesn’t work.

What We Like About the NiteBird Smart Light Bulb

  • The remote and voice command will make your life easier. This smart light is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can enjoy your smart home experience.
  • Ability to dim and brighten the light using a simple click.
  • Timer and scheduling feature to help you create the right mood whenever you  like.
  • 8 modes to help you create the perfect ambiance.
  • Manual settings to customize the light output.
  • 16 million colors.
  • Synchronizes to the beat and rhythm of the music.
  • Saves 80% energy.
  • Easy to install with no subscriptions required.

What We Don’t Like About the NiteBird Smart Light Bulb

  • The socket has to be in a spot where it can pick up WiFi easily; otherwise, you’ll face problems while getting the bulb to work the way it should. You might need to get an extender for the WiFi range.


In our NiteBird Smart Light Bulb review, we explained the features of these amazing light bulbs. They’re designed to help you customize the light settings in your house using voice commands or remotely. They’re quite affordable and energy-efficient so they’re great value for money.

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