Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A Smart Light Switch Review




Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A Smart Light Switch Review

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If you’ve been back and forth about improving your home, an easy and excellent way of doing that is by equipping it with high-quality smart switches. Still, distinct from regular switches, not all smart devices are created equal, which could make the shopping process a bit difficult.

That’s why we tested some of the best products on the market – the Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A Switch included. And this is what today’s article will focus on – presenting this product, its primary characteristics, pros, cons, as well as the opinions voiced by other users – in short, all the information you could use towards making a sensible purchase.

Leviton DW15S-1BZ Decora Smart

Here is what you should know about the product!

About The Product

The Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A switch is seen, by many, as the best smart light switch. Why is that? These are the features of the item, at a glance:

  • checkYou can use the free My Leviton app in order to control the lighting in your home. It is available for both iOS and Android
  • checkIt is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, for voice control
  • checkIt doesn’t necessitate the installation of a separate hub
  • checkYou can use it in connection with IFTTT
  • checkIt works with Samsung SmartThings
  • checkThree-way switch compatibility
  • checkProduct dimensions: 2.1 x 1.4 x 4.1 inches

The Results

If you’re looking for a reliable smart light switch that doesn’t require a separate hub, this Leviton product is a good option. For one thing, it connects directly to your Wi-Fi network, which is very convenient and cost-effective.

All you need in order to successfully use this smart light switch is a Wi-Fi connection, and an Android or iOS device, and there you have it. Also, you can control the lights in your house via the smartphone app or with a digital assistant, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

When it comes to setting up the wall switch, you should know that it requires a neutral wire. This is the norm for most smart switches. So, you must check the wiring of your house, since older houses don’t have such a thing.

You should understand that the neutral wire is compulsory to power the communication radio and control the load. Additionally, the intelligence in the device must remain powered even when the device is off.

As soon as you’re done with installing the switch, everything is much easier. Connecting the switch to the app is a breeze, as well as to the voice control Alexa or Google Assistant.

While the app isn’t necessarily the definition of intuition and innovation, it does work consistently, and its performance is decent for both iOS and Android devices. To that end, perhaps the app could be enhanced or diversified, to put it roughly.

Nevertheless, the product is ranked high regarding its responsiveness to the app and voice commands, as well as its remote control capabilities. This is reassuring, considering that these are the primary advantages to automating your home.

Leviton DW15S-1BZ Decora Smart Dimmers

At the same time, according to the manufacturer, the product supports three-way switches. That means you enjoy the control of multiple smart switches, which is a unique feature that other manufacturers don’t facilitate. Additionally, you may choose from six color options, depending on the style you prefer, since aesthetics are important in every home.

What Others Say

People who have already used and tested this product were happy to share their opinions through the numerous reviews I’ve read. The consensus was the following: this Leviton smart switch is well-made, durable, and it works impeccably.

At the same time, most reviewers noted that the installation process went on smoothly. In the meantime, one particular user indicated that he required the assistance of a professional electrician for the installation of the 3-way switch.

On the other side, I found some contradicting reviews indicated that the construction of the switch is rather flimsy. However, each user has a subjective point of view. For example, during the installation process, I wasn’t under the impression that the product is poorly built.

What is more, a customer had a range of concerns regarding the energy efficiency of the product, claiming that it isn’t quite effective from this standpoint.

What We Liked

For one thing, this product operates both as a smart and regular wall switch. At the same time, you can choose to configure it as a single pole or three-way switch. On a different note, it is compatible with both incandescent and LED lighting,

Plus, it is doubly convenient that the switch automatically connects to the Wi-Fi network without the need to purchase an additional hub. Concurrently, the fact that the installation process is rather easy is a pro.

What We Didn’t Like

A disadvantage could be that the product jams the radio signals. As I already mentioned, the device is never off, even when you turn the switch off, which might interfere with your listening to the radio, for instance. This is rather inconvenient if you ask me. The lack of IFTTT integration might limit your possibilities to connect your switch to other smart devices.

On the other side, this is available with other smart switches that use IFTTT integration. At the same time, the automation is a bit limited – you cannot program the lights to turn on automatically when you get home, via your smartphone’s GPS.

Buying Advice

This is a high-quality smart switch, whose product warranty is 5 years. This is quite decent, and the price is fair – less than $50. As I browsed for this smart switch, I noticed that there are many online shops that provide it.

Leviton DW15S-1BZ Decora Smart

Source: leviton.com

As I normally do, I chose Amazon – the shipping was free. Plus, depending on the time of the purchase, you might get an extra price reduction. If you want to do more research we created a complete guide.

Final Verdict

Finally, the Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A Switch doesn’t disappoint. Like most products, it has its shortcomings, which could do with some improvements, but, on the whole, it is an excellent solution to home automation.

If you’ve already used this smart switch, feel free to share your experience with the product!

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