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Lately, smart home lighting has been gaining popularity. This comes down to plenty of reasons; its ease of use, being able to turn on lights automatically when you arrive at home or turn them off while you’re away. Alongside with energy-saving, extending light bulbs lifetime, and lowering your electric bill. 

If you’re not familiar with smart light switches, don’t worry. They’re easily installed in your existing in-wall regular electrical box. They’re controlled through smartphone applications to provide an easy way of management and they’re used as normal manual switches. 

Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the Joso Smart Light Switch

Joso Smart Light Switch at a Glance

For me, the main reason I love such smart home gadgets is the ability to manage my home remotely. Thankfully, Joso’s Switch does that. You can set schedules and monitor the device remotely.

Another interesting feature is its ability to turn lights off & on automatically at random intervals while you’re away, as a form of security against intruders. It also provides protection from short-circuits & over current, which in turn, extends the lifetime of the device.

Key Features

  • Connects to Wi-Fi through APP
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • One million times touch life
  • Short circuit & over current protection
  • Big key touch design
  • Works with free E-WeLink app

Common practice instills using smart light switches indoors and avoiding their usage outdoors to prevent electrical leakage when it rains. You can solve this issue by using a waterproof cover for the switch. But overall, out of caution, I don’t recommend this. 

What We Like

To start with, I can’t help but point out the price to be my favorite feature about this switch. Converting your home into a smart one isn’t an easy process and usually, the cost is an obstacle. At $21 for a pack and $38 for 2, it’s a real bargain.

Installation is a breeze. Don’t forget to make sure to cut off electric power during installation to avoid electric shocks. 

Other features I love about this product are compatibility with both iOS & Android, and not requiring a smart hub.

What We Don’t Like

The attractive price tag comes at a cost, this switch is not so reliable when it comes to durability. Also, it has an improper size that caused problems to some reviewers. 

The screw mounts require bigger electrical gang, therefore, standard wall electrical gangs cannot fit this switch.

While standard Wi-Fi is 5 GHz, Joso switch works only with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, which is definitely a drawback.

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Overall, Amazon reviewers were satisfied with the product. Most of them agreed on the fact that the installation was easy, yet the instructions were poorly written.

The free application has received pretty good reviews and they said that pairing it with the switches was straightforward. Some reviewers have complained about receiving faulty units though. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a tight budget or are taking the first steps to building your smart home, I recommend the Joso smart switch for you. It’s easy to use with a user-friendly app and gets the job done.

However, if you’re able to expand your budget. I think other products will do better as they’ll last longer.

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