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Insteon Smart Wall Switch

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Shopping for light switches is pretty mundane – who are we kidding? At least that’s how it would be before the invention of smart light switches that bring home automation to a whole new level.

Smart switches are far from being your regular light switches – they are fully customizable, you can control them remotely while cutting down on energy expenses.

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If you’re undecided about the right smart switch for your home, we hope that our individual product reviews and buying guides can help you. On that note, in this post, I will talk about the features of the Insteon Smart Wall Switch.

I’ll outline the main advantages and drawbacks of this product.

About The Product

Insteon is a reputable manufacturer that produces state-of-the-art smart home devices. One of these devices is the Insteon on/off switch. Here’s what you get with purchasing this item:

  • Remote control option – you can regulate your Insteon wall switch via your smartphone or Amazon Echo
  • It controls space heaters, lamps, fans and other appliances up to 1800 watts
  • It works with a hub that you have to purchase separately. The hub is compatible with the HomeKit technology
  • The installation process isn’t too lengthy; however, it requires a neutral wire
  • It is compatible with a wide range of light bulbs, as well as general purpose fans
  • A unique feature of the device is the Scenes option that allows you to keep track of numerous switches at the same time, with the click of a button
  • Three-way switch compatibility
  • Product dimensions: 2 x 4 x 2 inches

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The Results

The first thing you should know is that installing a smart switch is a tad more complicated than installing a regular switch. Essentially, you should ensure that the box has a hot, load and neutral wire. Generally, older homes only have two wires.

You should also pay attention to the depth of the junction box. That’s because most smart switches are wide and deep, meaning that they necessitate more space, than regular switches.

During my tests, the junction box was appropriate, but this isn’t the case with most people, so you should be prepared to hire a professional if the situation asks for it.

When it comes to linking the switch to the Insteon hub, it does that without any complications. Nevertheless, I did notice a difference, compatibility wise.

To be more precise, the iOS Insteon app works better than the Android Insteon app. So, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet, the app might struggle every now and then.

I find it quite convenient that there are no restrictions on the light bulbs you should use with your smart switch. There might be some exceptions to the rule, but, on the whole, the switch is compatible with most light bulbs, which is reassuring.

Insteon Smart Wall Switch Smartphone App

Additionally, Insteon facilitates a hub that works with Apple HomeKit. Considering that you already own a HomeKit-enabled hub, you can use it to monitor your smart switches, as well. However, in this view, you have to download the app that is compatible with Apple Watch.

As I already mentioned, a unique characteristic of the Insteon switches is the Scenes feature. If you’re wondering what a scene is, rest assured, I’ll clarify that for you.

Scenes represent a means through which a range of devices can be grouped. They are interlinked to the same mobile device, and, ultimately, they react to the same activation.

Scenes feature prearranged situations you can use in an attempt to automate your home.

For instance, I set up a scene, which I called night time. I used this scene in order to program the lights outside the house to automatically go on, whereas the lights inside to automatically go off.

Still, a potential drawback could be that creating these scenes can be a headache. However, after you get the hang of it, you won’t have any other problems in this respect.

What Others Say

What does the customer feedback for the Insteon Smart Wall Switch indicate? Is it a reliable product worth purchasing or quite the opposite? From what I’ve seen, this product is highly rated by most clients.

The main advantage that is mentioned in most reviews is the efficiency of the item. Additionally, many users noted that the switch is easy to use and effortless to install. Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks mentioned along the lines, as well.

One of them is that the durability of the switch could be enhanced. In fact, one particular user noted that he was concerned with the firmness of the switch. Meanwhile, there had been some complaints regarding the HomeKit support.

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What We Liked

As long as you have the wires required for the installation process, the steps you should follow are easy, which is an advantage.

Secondly, you can link the device to the HomeKit, as well as Amazon Alexa, which gives you plenty of options to choose from.

What We Didn’t Like

On the other side, some of the things that could be enhanced are the following: the durability of the item isn’t the best. Additionally, some users encountered difficulties with the HomeKit support.

Buying Advice

The Insteon wall switch costs less than $50 and features a 2-year product warranty. You can find the device on numerous online shops – I chose to order mine from Amazon.

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At the time of the purchase, I got a 17 percent discount plus free shipping, which is quite good. If you want to do more research we created a complete guide.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the Insteon Smart Wall Switch is worth considering if you’re eager to build a smart home.

It is relatively easy to use, facilitates a dual-band connection, not to mention that you can control it via Alexa. Voice control is undeniably an added advantage, appreciated by most users.

In the meantime, while the product comes with its share of downsides, the pros definitely outnumber them. All things considered, though, I believe this smart wall switch is a good investment. And purchasing it could be the first step you make towards home automation.

Once you give it a go, you’ll find it difficult to go back to regular switches – believe me.

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