How do I stop my Alexa from flashing yellow?

  • By: Joe Cook
  • Date: May 16, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

It can be really distracting when your Amazon device is constantly flashing yellow, but luckily there’s a way to fix it. You have to say, “Alexa, read my notifications.” This will turn off the light and reduce distractions, allowing you to focus on your deliveries.

Amazon has been trying hard lately to stop packages from going missing, and they’re using Alexa–the voice assistant that many of us know and love. The yellow ring light on your Amazon device means you have notifications, which can be read or checked by logging in to your account. So if you ever see that light turned on, don’t worry! Just ask Alexa what the message says, and she’ll tell you right away.

Why is my Alexa flashing yellow?

The yellow light on the Echo is simply a reflection of unread messages, and it’s nothing to worry about! The light will pulse when there are new messages in your inbox, so you can quickly check them by clicking on “Play My Messages” or “Check Your Notifications.” Don’t forget that you can also enable notifications for specific types of messages, like missed calls or deliveries.

What does it mean when my Alexa flashes yellow?

When your Alexa flashes yellow, it may mean that there are notifications in your account. You can update your notifications settings through the app by saying, “what messages do I have?”

The blinking or pulsing of the light on your Alexa could mean different things: one possibility is that you have a new message and need to say, “Alexa, read my messages.” The Alexa will then tell you if a message is delivered or waiting in your inbox, depending on what type of message it is.

Another possible meaning for the yellow flashing light is that the microphone is off; if this is not the case, you should contact Amazon support for troubleshooting and repair. If the ring flashes multiple times in rapid succession while you’re using Alexa, there may be an issue with hardware like a power supply or Wi-Fi connection; this will require contacting Amazon support for troubleshooting and repair.

How do I fix a flashing yellow Alexa?

The Amazon Echo Dot has a flashing yellow light on the top that many users find annoying and distracting. This light is due to new messages, and it can be checked manually or by asking Alexa without having to use your hands. Check your notifications or ask Alexa about them in simple questions to fix the problem. If you’re not finished with the setup process, activate your messaging skills so that you can receive text messages from friends who have an Echo-enabled device.

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