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Deep Sentinel camera

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Approximately 1 million home invasions occur every year, often resulting in harm to residents who are home at the time. One of the best ways to protect your home and family is to invest in an advanced home security system, such as the Deep Sentinel smart home security system.

The Deep Sentinel AI home security system offers homeowners a unique system for protecting their houses from unwanted intruders by using an intelligent perimeter and real human security guards. Remote guards can intervene directly with the Deep Sentinel smart home surveillance system, proactively deterring crime and providing verified reports to local law enforcement when necessary.

This Deep Sentinel review will provide you with an in-depth look at the benefits and drawbacks of using a Deep Sentinel home security system. Read on to learn about Deep Sentinel home surveillance, cost, installation, and more.

Deep Sentinel camera

Deep Sentinel Cost

Interested consumers may experience an initial sticker shock at the high Deep Sentinel price. While this system may not be the best for budget shoppers, cutting-edge technology generally comes at a higher cost. The Deep Sentinel Starter 3-Cam Kit sells for $699, with more extensive systems starting at much higher price points.

However, comparable systems come with similar equipment costs. The upfront costs may not drain your wallet, but the monitoring might. The Deep Sentinel monthly cost for monitoring starts at $60 per month and ranges to more than $160 per month. Although more expensive than other monitoring subscriptions, customers pay for the premier service of real human guards watching over their home around-the-clock. 

Compared to similar private surveillance systems, a Deep Sentinel subscription now offers this service at a much more affordable price.

Deep Sentinel Installation

Thanks to the Deep Sentinel video instructions, installation is relatively straightforward.  It takes about 30 minutes to activate and sync the Deep Sentinel hub to the mobile app. 

The company recommends that the equipment sit six to eight feet above the ground floor, away from microwaves or TVs, and within a central location where the hub can send clear wireless signals to each camera.

The app will inform installers of the strength of the wifi signals for each Deep Sentinel camera, allowing you to find the ideal location. To work effectively, the system requires high-speed wireless internet. A Deep Sentinel wifi extender can help the installation process for large homes. While Deep Sentinel battery life is excellent, always ensure to charge the spare battery so you never run out of power.

Deep Sentinel App

The mobile app for the Deep Sentinel alarm system offers a straightforward and user-friendly experience. It is easy for customers to quickly glance at their cameras when away from home or speak to a visitor through the security system. Deep Sentinel privacy settings allow you to access security clips monitored by the guards.

The app also reminds customers that real people watch over their home by providing their guard’s name and notifying the customers when the Sentinel guard is on duty. Homeowners can also set their system to Private Mode to prevent guards from viewing their livestream during private events. 

You can even change the settings for when you wish to receive notifications from your system, including when cameras detect motion or when guards took action involving your home.

Deep Sentinel Customer Service

Deep Sentinel customer support is professional and friendly, just like their Sentinel guards. Customers can call or initiate a live chat for assistance with their system. Customer Deep Sentinel security reviews speak for themselves in regards to the quality of service provided by the Deep Sentinel team.

Deep Sentinel Competitors

Let’s take a look at how Deep Sentinel stacks up to the competition. 

Deep Sentinel vs. Ring

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a popular and reliable home surveillance system. While available at a lower price point, Ring fails to deliver the live human intervention offered by Deep Sentinel. These human guards contribute to a high verification rating that generally encourages a quicker response from law enforcement for homes with a Deep Sentinel system vs a Ring system.

Deep Sentinel vs. ADT

While ADT may appear to offer a similar service to home surveillance customers, the ADT monitoring system falls short of the effectiveness of Deep Sentinel. ADT offers reactive monitoring that only notifies a monitoring center when devices are triggered and ADT is required to contact the homeowner to verify if law enforcement is necessary. 

Deep Sentinel guards can review live footage and directly engage with the perpetrator before contacting law enforcement immediately.

Deep Sentinel vs. Simplisafe

Although Deep Sentinel excels at professional monitoring, it relies heavily on its wireless camera without additional equipment. Customers seeking a security system that includes advanced, specialized equipment such as doorbell cameras, entry sensors, and smoke detectors may benefit from a Simplisafe home surveillance system.

Deep Sentinel Security Pros vs. Cons


  • 1080p HD Cameras with Night Vision
  • 24/7 Human Surveillance with Two-Way Talk
  • Zero False Alarms 
  • Deters Criminals Proactively
  • Privacy Controls and Localized Artificial Intelligence


  • Expensive Plans for Monitoring
  • Limited Package Options and Smart Home Integrations
  • High-Speed Internet Required
  • No Door or Window Sensors

Deep Sentinel Security Review Conclusion

The Deep Sentinel home security system is an excellent choice for homeowners who want the reassurance of 24/7 live surveillance without the expense of a private system. Although Deep Sentinel’s product comes with a higher price tag than other competitors, it offers unique services generally only available to customers who spend thousands of dollars a month on private surveillance.

Live human surveillance means 100% of all Deep Sentinel police calls are verified, resulting in an immediate response that protects your home faster than other reactive monitoring services that must contact you before reaching out to authorities. 

However, the Deep Sentinel cameras only monitor the exterior of your home and do not include door or window sensors. If an intruder successfully evaded the cameras, a break-in may not trigger the alarm at all.

Despite some shortcomings and a high price point, the innovative Deep Sentinel smart home surveillance system provides homeowners with advanced live monitoring that protects homes better than most other systems available on the market today.

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