Announcing SmartStud, the Revolutionary “Hearable” Earring for Seamless Smart Home Control





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Smart Home Rig unveiled SmartStud, an innovative wearable device redefining hands-free interaction with smart home environments. The stylish hearable earring uses bone conduction audio to deliver discreet notifications, voice assistant access, and even indoor navigation, all with a simple whisper in your ear.

“We saw the potential to revolutionize how people engage with their smart homes,” said Joseph Cook, CEO of Smart Home Rig. “SmartStud is designed to enhance convenience and awareness without the constant distraction of screens or traditional smart speakers. It’s a subtle, always-available assistant.”

Key Features of SmartStud

  • Whisper Notifications: Receive smart home alerts, reminders, and caller ID directly to your ear, leaving your hands and eyes free.
  • Voice Command Integration: Discreetly interact with your favorite voice assistant. Adjust lights, play music, or check the weather with a quiet command.
  • Turn-by-Turn Home Navigation: Get location guidance within your home, perfect for finding misplaced items or assisting individuals with visual impairments.
  • All-Day Comfort: Lightweight design available in various earring styles to match personal preferences.

“SmartStud introduces a new level of intuitive connection between you and your smart home, ” said Nellie Drayker, Lead Designer. “We’ve combined practical functionality with a stylish approach, creating a wearable that people will actually want to wear.”

Pricing and Availability SmartStud is for sale now for $149.

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