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amazon echo remote microphone

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Amazon Echo is an amazing device that lets you control smart home devices using voice commands. It has a built-in speaker and microphone, and connects to Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

Alexa is always listening, ready to answer questions, play music, read news headlines, provide information, set reminders, and much more.

With the Amazon Echo Remote Mic, you can use Alexa hands-free to talk to your Echo, even if there isn’t another person in the room.

You can also use the Amazon Echo Remote Mic to listen to music, watch videos, and more.

The remote uses 2xAAA batteries and is powered by battery power.

It’s possible to control the device from the app. You can talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant from the app on your phone, or you can use an app called Reverb for Amazon. You can get a remote control from Amazon. There are different ways of using your device.


What is the Echo remote?

There are two sides to the Echo remote: voice commands and physical media controls with a mic button with a microphone icon. 

What is the Echo’s microphone coverage?

While it’s great at picking up your voice from an adjoining room, sensitive microphones or not, it’s difficult to issue commands to Alexa when you’re in the basement, upstairs, or elsewhere in your home.

Where Can I Speak to Alexa?

To solve such issues you can pair Amazon’s official Voice Remote for Amazon Echo ($29.99) with your Echo unit and enjoy wireless and instantaneous interaction with your Echo anywhere in your home.

What is the Voice Remote for Amazon Echo?

Further, and of interest to those who enjoy the power of the Alexa system but are still a bit wary about the always-on microphone system, you can use the remote as an on-demand microphone system even if the main Echo unit has the microphone system turned off In addition to the remote itself, the Voice Remote package comes with a base, seen in the photo above.

What is the remote holder base?

The base is magnetic and attaches both to the remote and to any metal surface.

Is the Voice Remote for Amazon Echo Out of Stock?

Note: Due to brisk Echo sales (and accompanying Voice Remote sales) the Voice Remote for Amazon Echo appears to have gone out of stock shortly before the publication of this article.

How do I use the Alexa remote?

Pairing the remote is a pretty straight forward affair with really only a minor potential for a hiccup or two.

How do I set up the Amazon Echo Device?

Then open up the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.

How long does it take to pair?

Release the button and both the application and Echo should announce to you, within the promised 40 seconds, that the pairing process is complete.

1. The Amazon Echo Remote Microphone works well enough to hear what’s going on around you while keeping its own volume low.

2. It doesn’t work very well unless someone else is talking into their Echo.

3. If you want to be able to speak directly to your Echo without having to ask Alexa first, then buy one of the many other remotes available online.

4. Don’t expect to be able to make calls through your Echo.

In conclusion, we think the Amazon Echo Remote is worth considering if you already have an Echo speaker and don’t mind spending $30 more than necessary. But if you’d rather spend less money and just need something simple to turn down the music, skip it.


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